Rules and Regulations Miss India Ohio

Any woman of Indian origin (regardless of her place of birth) between the ages of 18 and 30, inclusive (on December 31st of the year she participates), never married and never having had a child, is eligible to participate. The contestant must be a resident of the state that she is to represent. Appropriate documentation regarding the age arid residency status of the contestant must be submitted in order to meet eligibility requirements.

Each year, the IFC selects reputable individuals/organizations to hold various state contests. The PC has the exclusive right to select the states and State Directors that are authorized to conduct the state contests. When a State Director has been selected, said director is responsible for the judging of the state contest in accordance with these rules and regulations. The State Director is responsible for the selection of the state winners and the awarding of all prizes to them. The IFC is not responsible for the conduct, judging, or awarding of prizes by the State Director. In addition, the State Director will invite a representative from the IFC to attend the state pageant as an observer/judge. The IFC will provide contestants from the tri-state area through their own preliminaries. The IFC can select contestants-at-large to represent a state. Since Miss India USA is a conservative pageant proper attire for all segments is mandatory. No vulgar attire will be permitted. The IFC, in its sole discretion, retains the right to alter the format of the pageant. The winner of Miss India USA will be the only delegate of the USA at the Miss India Worldwide pageant.

State winners who are selected for the Miss India USA will be judged iii the following segments: (a) Indian Dress, (b) Evening Gown. After these two segments top ten will be selected who will be required to present a (c) talent for two minutes. The top five contestants will move on to the (d), Question/Answer segment. The IFC, in its sole discretion, retains the right to alter the format of the pageant. The winner of Miss India USA will be the only delegate of USA at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant.

Due to time constraints each contestant will only be allowed 3 (three) minutes for the talent category (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THIS RULE). The contestants must notify the director if any special technical need at least two week prior to the pageant. TFIE CONTESTANT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY ON-STAGE ACCOMPANIMENT DURING THE TALENT SEGMENT (I.E. MODELS, BACKUP SINGERS, ETC.)

Judges will be selected for Miss India Ohio by the state director. They will be eminent, respected members of the Indian, American and International Community. The State Director reserves the right to appoint all such judges. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, ONCE Tabulated, IS FINAL. The Director BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES.

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